On-demand army of human researchers for B2B prospecting.

Problems we help solve:

Growing and scaling your sales.

  • “Our current prospecting and marketing efforts don’t generate enough leads.”
  • “Our pipeline is unpredictable. If we would be able get a constant flow of new leads, we could grow faster and work more efficiently.”
  • “I know there must be 1000s of companies that have the problem that we can solve. But we don’t have a scalable way to contact and qualify them.”

Getting control over your B2B sales pipeline.

  • “Some quarters we hit our targets, but often we don’t.
  • “Our lead generation efforts are unpredictable, which means I don’t have control over meeting our goals.”
  • “It’s hard to judge performance of individual sales reps.”

Accelerating prospecting.

  • “My reps find prospecting tedious and time consuming, so they often avoid doing it.”
  • “We spend a lot of time finding new prospects and their contact information. It is frustrating, because we’d rather focus on qualifying and closing new deals.”

Enriching your existing accounts.

  • “The accounts in our CRM are stale, our existing contacts may have left the company, so we need to know whom to reach out to.”
  • “We’re getting a lot of inbounds leads through marketing, but we have no idea which ones are worth focusing on.”